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12CBM Combination Sewer Jetter Truck

● Rear Mounted Hose Reel for Easy Operated
● Fully Hydraulic Boom and Vacuum Hose
● High Capacity Vacuum Pump
● Reliable Filtration System
● Non-corrosive Stainless Steel Water Tanks
● Easy Load, Quick Tipping Sludge Tank Body


Combination Sewer Jetter Truck works by the principle of trusting and breaking effects of high pressured water for opening any blockage shutting the sewer system and after destroying the blockage; all the remaining sludge, waste water and half solid waste is collected inside the sludge tank by the strong vacuum force created by means of the vacuum pump. As the Combination Sewer Jetter Truck manufacturers, we can supply ranged from 4-20 tons sewer cleaner trucks.

Our Jet-Vac Trucks are Available in: 

● 4CBM Vac Jet Combination Truck 

● 6CBM Combination Sewer Cleaning Truck 

● 8CBM Combined Vacuum Sewer Truck

● 10CBM Combined Sewer Cleaner Truck

● 12CBM Combination Sewer Jetter Truck

● 14CBM Combination Sewer Jetting Truck

● 16CBM Combination Jetting Cleaning Truck

● 18CBM Combo Sewer Jetter Truck

● 20CBM Combo Sewer Cleaning Truck



● Rear Mounted Hose Reel for Easy Operated

● Fully Hydraulic Boom and Vacuum Hose

● High Capacity Vacuum Pump

● Reliable Filtration System

● Non-corrosive Stainless Steel Water Tanks

● Easy Load, Quick Tipping Sludge Tank Body

● 7000Liters debris tanks and 5000liters water capacity in a unitized tank.

● Full Electric controls


● Municipal Applications -Sewer cleaning for municipalities and contractors 

● Industrial Applications -Industrial water treatment

● Commercial Applications -House Residential Waste Collection


● Vacuum System: Liquid ring pump, 

● Steel Debris Tank - round type, material with 6mm steel with reinforced.

● Fully openable rear lids,rear door locks, with door safety latch 4 pcs

● Butterfly valve with couplings

● Debris tank Dumping: minimum 45°, hydraulic boom lift - power up/power down

● Stainless Steel water tank

● Automatic Vacuum Breaker and overfill protection system

● 4 Way hydraulic boom with 180° rotation and joystick controls

● Rear mounted 60m capacity 1" high pressure flushing hose / powered hose reel

● Water Pump is standard on Chinese local brand plunger pump

● Water pump drive: Hydrostatic powered high pressure jet hose, 1” 

● Manual controlled hose rewind guide

● Hose guide , wash down hand gun with hose and nozzle

● Tank full size locking tool box for tools and nozzles


We offer oil tank trucks on a variety of chassis including ISUZU, HINO, UD, JAC,SINOTRUK,SHACMAN,BEIBEN, DONGFENG, available on any commercial chassis..  

*Please scroll down to see this Municipal Vacuum Tank Truck chassis inventory, you may optional that choose above different brand of chassis for one of your tanks ,or need a new tank for one of your truck chassis for mounting this Municipal Vacuum Tank. There is the one you needs.


Ease of Operation only two people are required to handle the entire process .

Safety in Use

Performance Well in Actual use.

Durability – Resist the worst wear and tear by using the highest quality materials. 


Dongfeng Single Row, Tiltable

  Drive Mode

4 x 2





  Engine Make


  Engine Model



6 speed

  Front Axle

4 Ton

  Rear Axle





Air Brake

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