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20CBM DONGFENG Combined Sewer Truck

● Dual Engine
● Tank Capacity 20CBM
● GVW 31000kg
● Vehicle Weight 17000kg
● Tank length 7300mm, diameter 24 00mm
● Overall Size 11990×2500,2550×3980(mm)


Municipalities shall add this sewer tuck to their fleets as a fast- response, emergency back-up vehicle. And big communities could use the combo sewer cleaning truck as a low-cost alternative for regular maintenance and storm water line problems. Contractors and utilities choose it for the lower operating costs and great versatility. When you need the quick response, call us. This powerful enough vehicle will be your best choice for lower transporting costs, greater loading capacity and it’s designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards.

Our Jet-Vac Trucks are Available in:

● 4CBM Vac Jet Combination Truck 

● 6CBM Combination Sewer Cleaning Truck 

● 8CBM Combined Vacuum Sewer Truck

● 10CBM Combined Sewer Cleaner Truck

● 12CBM Combination Sewer Jetter Truck

● 14CBM Combination Sewer Jetting Truck

● 16CBM Combination Jetting Cleaning Truck

● 18CBM Combo Sewer Jetter Truck

● 20CBM Combo Sewer Cleaning Truck


● Dual Engine

● Tank Capacity 20CBM 

● GVW 31000kg

● Vehicle Weight 17000kg

● Tank length 7300mm, diameter 24 00mm

● Overall Size 11990×2500,2550×3980(mm)

● Gravity discharging mode and pressure reverse discharging mode can be selected. 

● 10000Liters effective volume of the sewage tank and 6000liters water capacity in a unitized tank.


● Municipalities 

● Big Communities 

● Industrial Contractors 

● Utilities 

● Large Chemical Plant


Chassis   Make

Dongfeng KL


1850+4600+1350   mm

Gross   Vehicle Weight



FAST 12   Speed forward 2 speed reverse

Chassis Engine

Cummins   engine 385, diesel

Front Axle


Rear Axle

18Ton   double rear driven axles


12R22.5 13   pcs


High   pressure flushing, sewage cleaning

Debris   Partition

Round type,   material with 6mm steel , 12m3

Water   Partition

8 mm steel   ,with 3 top manhole ,volume 8m3

Water Pump

Standard on   Chinese local brand plunger pump

Water   Loading Valve

Hydrant   connect


18m3   /hour

Max Flow


Max Pressure



20 pcs

Vacuum   System

Vacuum   suction loading, pressure discharging

Vacuum Pump

SK42 Water   Circulating Liquid Ring Pump

Filtration   System

Stainless   steel filtration pump and tank

Discharge   Port

600   Hydraulic open discharge valves

Discharge   Port

150mm   Manual open discharge valve

Suction   Port

100mm inner   suction hose connects

Air Release   Valve

100mm for   air release

Side Platform

Full tank   length both sides platform

Hose Reel

Super duty removable   hose reel with 100m water hose with steel reinforced.

Level   Indicator

Acrylic   sight glass level

Suction   Hose

8 m suction   hose

Read Lids

Hydraulically   Open rear door equipped latch 4 pcs


LED   lighting system rear with arrow lighting

Tank   Dumping

Minimum 45°,   T lift hydraulic lift

Auxiliary   Engine

WeiChai   420hp

Engine   Water Tank

Stainless   steel water recycling tank, water pipe with hand washing tap.


2-floor   toolbox with independent space


Automatic   Vacuum Breaker overfill protection system


We offer oil tank trucks on a variety of chassis including ISUZU, HINO, UD, JAC,SINOTRUK,SHACMAN,BEIBEN, DONGFENG, available on any commercial chassis..  

*Please scroll down to see this Municipal Vacuum Tank Truck chassis inventory, you may optional that choose above different brand of chassis for one of your tanks ,or need a new tank for one of your truck chassis for mounting this Municipal Vacuum Tank. There is the one you needs.


● Super Tank Capacity for heavy sewage loading and long distance transportation

● Simple Structure ease of maintenance

● Multifunctional vehicle, Combinate with sewer cleaning, suction ,water jetting ,water recycling 

● Competitive selling price

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