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Sinotruk 8x4 30,000L Aluminum Fuel Tank Truck

● CHASSIS: CSC5321GYYZZ5T5 Aluminum Fuel Tanker Truck mounted base on the Sinotruk HOWO 8x4 chassis. The chassis engine power is 273kW/371HP horsepower, which meets the Euro2 emission standards,


Sinotruk 8x4 30,000L Aluminum Fuel Tank Truck               

Model Number: CSC5321GYYZZ5T5 


●  CHASSIS: CSC5321GYYZZ5T5 Aluminum Fuel Tanker Truck mounted base on the Sinotruk HOWO 8x4 chassis. The chassis engine power is 273kW/371HP horsepower, which meets the Euro2 emission standards, and the 8x4 drive which is comfortable and light to drive. The chassis is equipped with various braking devices to ensure safe and reliable vehicle operation.

●  TANKER: Built-in aluminum tank volume 30,000L, tanker shape of section is elliptical.

●  Manhole: 

It is installed on the top of the oil tank with built-in breathing and emergency exhaust functions, and can be installed on the manhole cover oil and gas recovery valve, oil measuring hole, anti-overflow rod, etc. In the process of filling oil, when the liquid level reaches the detection position, the sensing system will automatically alarm, so as to stop filling oil. 

Built-in breathing valve made in the process of oil tank internal pressure stable, and the external pressure balance, the dumping of prevent overflow design make the tanker keep sealed in the case of an accident, emergency exhaust system in the case of a tremendous rise of pressure tank, will open automatically, release the pressure of the tank, to prevent the accident, greatly improving the security of oil shipments. 

Functions and features: 

A: Different pressure parameters can be set according to needs to ensure reliable breathing function and emergency exhaust function. 

B: Breathing function When the pressure in the oil tank is 6~8KPa higher than the external pressure or 2~3KPa lower than the external pressure, the breathing valve will automatically open, so that the gas inside and outside the tank through, can reduce the large pressure difference between inside and outside , play a role in safety protection. When the difference between the internal pressure and the external pressure of the oil tank is -2~ 6kPa, the breathing valve is in the closed state to keep the appropriate pressure in the tank, so as to avoid the waste of volatile oil. 

C: In the event of an accident, when the tank car is dumped, the anti-overflow block in the breathing valve automatically seals the channel, to prevent the risk of oil leakage. 

D: Emergency ventilation When the oil tank car is in a high temperature environment, it can effectively release the pressure in the tank and prevent the oil tank from exploding. When the pressure in the tank exceeds the external pressure of 21~ 32kPa, the emergency exhaust device starts to work, and its maximum exhaust capacity reaches 7000m3/h, which can effectively prevent the explosion accident of the oil tank. 

E: Two-stage opening: release the pressure in the tank after the tank cover is all opened.

●  Breath valve: 

Install breath valve on the cover of manhole. Breath valve can adjust the pressure inside of tank according to the air pressure inside of tank, and keep the balance with air pressure outside. The function of breath valve is to reduce the fuel transpiration inside of tank and avoid distortion caused by increased pressure. To make sure that pressure of the tank is in accordance with the air pressure, breathing valve was installed in the front of the tank. The fuel expend as heated, meanwhile the pressure will increase. When the pressure reach 8 Kpa, the up valve slice will open up (it is in close situation while high than 6 kpa). The fuel shrinks as cooled. Meanwhile the pressure will reduce, meanwhile the pressure will reduce. The lower slice will open up.

●  Transmission system: 

The power transmitted from the truck transmission , via PTO, transmission shaft, and then to oil pump, to make sure it can work in 960r/min ( more details are referred to the manual)


Fuel tank truck is made of chassis tank, oil pump, and ductwork and drive system. Besides device installed on oil transportation truck, refueling truck has oil pump system. Thus, oil in storage can be absorbed into tank, then transported and filled up into other devices. Refueling truck can finish the pump and delivery work conveniently through oil pump. So it can be widely used.

Over loading fuel system: 

The main devices of the aluminum oil tank truck are: manhole cover, oil and gas recovery valve, oil and gas recovery joint, submarine valve (emergency cut-off valve), oil discharge valve, anti-overflow sensor, etc. The product has the advantages of reasonable design, advanced technology, safety and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection.

●  Seabed/bottom valve: 

also known as emergency cut-off valve, is installed at the bottom of the tank and used when loading and refueling. It is easy to operate, time-saving, safe and environmentally friendly. Pressure balance type submarine valve is used for multi - tank truck, can carry out separate loading and unloading of different tanks. The three-way design simplifies the pipeline, reduces the load, the operation is simple, safe and reliable. Pneumatic cut-off valve installed on the bottom of the tank car tanks, to refuel in the bottoms, the valve internal pressure is small, large flow, the valve flange has cut slot, accident in oil tank, due to the large fault trough in the unbearable momentum, car body line with tanks will automatically disconnect, and automatically for the plunger and durable spring will still keep seal, medium tank does not leak, so as to ensure the safety of the tank. When there is no air source or other reasons can not be opened, you can break the cylinder piston rod, manually open.

●  Oil and gas recovery valve: It is a device for oil and gas recovery produced when loading and unloading oil. It can be directly installed on the top tank of the tank truck, or installed on the manhole cover. It can be opened mechanically through a push rod and the bottom of the tank, or controlled by the air source. The oil and gas recovery valve can recycle all the oil and gas generated by oil volatilization during loading and unloading to the oil tank in the reservoir area to avoid the leakage of oil and gas. The oil and gas can be condensed and reused through other oil and gas recovery devices, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection. 

Functions and features: 

A: When tank truck tank is filled, oil and gas recovery valve is opened, and the rising liquid level pushes the oil and gas upward, through a series of oil and gas recovery system, and returns to the tank in the reservoir area. 

B: When the tank truck unloading oil, the recovery valve allows the recovered gas to enter the tank of the tank truck. In systems without oil and gas recovery facilities, air is allowed into tank truck tanks. 

C: High sealing, to ensure the safety of tanker transportation. 

D: Reasonable valve body design to ensure high efficiency of oil and gas recovery.

●  Oil and gas recovery system: It is composed of fire-retardant breathing valve, pipeline flame arrestor, three-way float ball valve, oil and gas recovery joint, oil and gas recovery quick joint, etc. It forms a closed circulation system with oil and gas recovery system of tank car, which can effectively recycle and reuse oil and gas generated in the process of filling oil and gas in oil filling station and avoid oil and gas diffusion.

●  Anti-overflow probe rod: electronic anti-overflow sensor is widely used in all kinds of containers in the closed filling liquid, in order to prevent the liquid full leakage and advance alarm of a safety device, it is installed on the top of the container tank manhole cover, when the oil level reaches the warning limit, the sensor will automatically alarm off the brake.

●  CERTIFICATION: The fuel performance meets the requirements of GB certification; the chassis has passed the China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC); the engine emissions meet the European 2 standard. 

●  CONCLUSION: According to the actual fuel requires, and operation procedures, CSC aluminum fuel tank truck is made with advanced technology and strict manufacturing technique. The product absorbs excellence of the like products at home and abroad, and has many advantages such as excellent performance, good economic efficiency, and high reliability.

2.General Specifications



Overall size


Full pay loading  


Drive type

Right Hand Drive 8x4

Tank Material

High Quality Aluminum

Tank Capacity


Tank end welded type

Butt welding

Tank shape


Oil pump brand

China popular brand

Oil pump model


Oil pump type

Arc gear pump

Oil pump flow


Work pressure


Rotated speed


Pipe size for bottom   valve4




Engine power

371HP Euro2 standard

Max. driving speed


Wheel base


Axle quantities


Crew Numbers


Spring quantites1


Front axle loading


Rear axle loading

HC16    ratio speed 4.42

Painting Color

No painting. It is Aluminum.



3.Truck Chassis Specifications

Chassis   Model Number


Chassis Make


Engine Power


Engine Type


Emission Class   Level

Euro 2





Tare Weight of   Truck Chassis

9,500 kg (approximately)

Front wheel   distance


Rear wheel   distance


Max. Driving Speed


Front Suspension


Rear Suspension


Tire quantities/specs.

12wheels+1spare tire/12.00R20*13



Fuel   Tank



Steering wheel drive   in right hand with hydraulic power assistance.


HW76 type, with A/C


Braking: double circuit pneumatic braking

Parking Brake (Emergency Brake) : Spring energy,   compressed air working on the front axle and rear wheel.

Auxiliary braking: engine exhaust braking

Control Panel

English language

4. Production process of Aluminum Fuel Tanker Truck 

Tanker truck is produced with Automatic machines which are imported from USA, Germany and UK. 

(Main machines are shown as following.)

●  Numerical control plasma cutting machine cuts whole carbon steel (Photo 1)

*It has fully functional numerical system which imported from USA. All working progress is controlled by the computer, and also equipped with manually operated keyboard

●  Laser tracking automatic welding machine welds tanker truck carbon steel (photo 2)

*It is imported from UK. Which tracks whether the welding torch adjusts automatically swing or not, and whose control unit is controlled by the PLG program.

●  Electric digital display lapping machine rolls carbon steel plate (Photo 3)

* It rolls steel plate in the processing of cold forming and curves the 3-8mm plate to round, ellipse and arc which is imported from Germany.


●  Seal head curling machine curls tanker two end-caps (photo4)

*It uses the way of cold treatment to curve the end-cap to be smooth and easy to butt joint which is imported from USA.

●  Plate trailer (photo5)

*Finished shaped tanker was moving from different workrooms by plate trailer

●  Shot blast room (photo6)

*Shot blast room makes sure painting will not fading in 6 years after 5 producing procedure


●  Water rotating painting room (photo7)

Tanker would be transported to room for four levels painting protects to make sure perfect painting picture.

●  Tanker was drying in dry room (photo8)

Shorten truck producing time during cold and wet temperatures.


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