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14000 Liters Truck Oil Tanker

●Load 14000Liters Oil
●3 Compartments
●Pump Speed 30CBM/h
●KINGRUN 4x2 Chassis
●Cummins 190hp Engine
●DONGFENG Manual Gear



■  Loading 14000 Liters 

■  3 Compartment 

■  Pumping Speed 30m3/hour

■  KINGRUN 4 x 2 Truck Chassis

■  Dongfeng-Cummins 190hp Engine

■  DONGFENG Manual Transmission

We offers road oil tank trucks on a variety of chassis including ISUZU, HINO, UD, SINOTRUK, DONGFENG and more. These road oil tank vehicles feature options that are designed to deliver gasoline or diesel efficiently and effectively in a wide range of situations.

Our Oil Trucks are Available in: ( click the following each model to know more details)

■  3000Liters Oil Tank Refueling Truck

■  6000Liters Mobile Oil Tank Truck

■  8000Liters Oil Tanker Truck

■  10000Liters Oil Tank Delivery Truck

■  12000Liters Oil Bowser Tank Truck

■  14000Liters Road Oil Tank Truck

■  16000Liters Oil Tank Loading Truck

■  18000Liters Diesel Oil Tank Truck

■  20000Liters Bulk Oil Tank Truck

■  22000Liters Oil Tank Distribution Truck

■  24000Liters Oil Tank Transfer Truck

■  26000Liters Oil Fuel Tank Truck

■  28000Liters Oil Tank Hauling Truck

■  30000Liters Refined Oil Tank Truck

*Send an inquiry for getting the detailed manufacturing specification from us. Models Include: Aluminum, Mild Steel, or Stainless Steel 3000 liters tank trucks to 47,000 liters tank trailers.

■  Rigid mild steel Elliptical tank Shape Assembly with Baffles thickness 5mm.

■  3-Compartmens for different fuel, such as gasoline, diesel, lube oil.

■  Top with additional extract manhole cylindrical body for mountain area oil delivery.

■  Multiple Steel Bulkhead (thickness 5mm )sizes for wheelbase.

■  Standard equipped 3-nos of JME brand of aluminum manholes with inner breather.

■  Each compartment Bottom with air controlled emergency shut of valves 

■  Top and front rear drains connected with rubber tube.

■  Rear left & right, middle tank total 3 Nos of side bolt mounted toolboxes.

■  Top Bolt on Type Catwalk way, Rear Bolt on type bumper, Jeep Style Tire Fenders.

■  Standard Steel tubular 3 pcs of ladders fitted on tanker left , right and rear position.

■  Pumping Suction/ Discharge System

■  Outlet/Inlet with 4inch size flanged quick couplings.

■  Total 2 pcs of full tanker length suction/discharge hose.

■  Steel pipelines with elbows

■  Full tanker length hose tube tray for suction hose storage.

Optional Components

■  Betts Petroleum Manholes Ass.

■  OPW API Bottom Loading Adaptors, Internal(Emergency)Valves

■  Sequential Vent. Vapor Recovery Vent, Vapor Recovery Adaptors and Dust Caps

■  Overfill Prevention ,Optic sensor; Optic Socket.

■  Bottom Loading System/ Bottom Discharge System

■  Nozzles ( OPW or Chinese Top Quality Brand)

■  Dry Break Couplers & Adapter

■  Preset Counters Petroleum Equipment Dispenser or TUTHILL fuel transfer pump

■  Blackmer or Roper PTO Driven Pumps.

■  Gorman-Rupp Self-priming centrifugal pumps

■  Flow Meters, Electronic Registers and Printers

■  Hannay Static Ground Hose Reels 

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