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ISUZU Flatbed Tow Truck With Crane

ISUZU Flatbed Tow Truck With Crane

ISUZU FVZ 6×4 Chassis
280hp 6HK1-TCG Engine
10Ton Flatbed Loading
Underlift Capacity 8100 kg


ISUZU FVZ Flatbed Tow Truck   

Complete with the following:

Model Number: CSC5250FBQL

-       Chassis Truck

ISUZU FVZ 280 6×4 Left Hand Drive

5700+1300 mm Wheelbase

6HK1-TCSG40 Engine, 280hp

FVZ Day Cab with AC

9JS119TA Transmission, Manual

Steel leaf spring Suspension

Drum Brake front and rear axle

11.00R20 Tire with Spare Tire

-       Flatbed Assembly

Length 8200mm, width 2350mm

Flatbed Load 12,000kg-15,000kg

Tilt angle 10o

-       Winch Assembly

1 No.s of 15,000kg Hydraulic Winch

Worm gear type

Cable diameter 19 mm, length in 45m

Front deck centre mounted

-       Wheellift Assembly

Two Boom Weldment Extend

Crossbar Weldment

L arm ( right & left)

Wheel Grid

Lifting Rate Retracted 8,100kg

Lifting Rate Extended 4,000kg

-       Others

Complete hydraulic assembly

Dual side control hoods

Wire remote control

Light pylon in front of flatbed

Stainless door handles

-       Crane Assembly

XCMG Knuckleboom Crane SQZ200B

10,000kg Lifting capacity at 2.0 m

Max. Outreach 12.75m

Max. Lifting moment 206kNm

Hydraulic Oil flow 40L/m

Hydraulic pressure 31Mpa

Crane Weight 3100kg

410 o full rotation

5608mm Stabilizer Extended

-       Accessories

4 sets of different size Frame Fork

1 set of Fork Adaptor

4 pcs of Ratch Strap Tie Down

2 pcs of Towing Trolley

2 pcs of Hook Chain 

Shipping Size 10.5×2.5×3.75m

Shipping Weight 9,800 kg 

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