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30 Ton Integrated Towing Wrecker

HOWO 6x4 Chassis
336hp Diesel Engine
Winch Rating 16 Ton
Boom Capacity 10 Ton
Underlift Capacity 16 T


30 Ton Integrated Towing Wrecker with 3-stage independent booms specializes in towing and recovering vehicles that are too big for our heavy duty wreckers, but don't need the power of our heavy duty trucks.It has a double 8000kg winch and a hydraulic extendable boom.This boom truck specializes in the hard to get to places.


HOWO Towing Truck 30T Towing Truck

Chassis Make: SINOTRUK,

Model: HOWO 6*4;

Engine Make: Weichai Power,

Engine Model: WP12,

Fuel Type: Diesel;

Transmission: Manual FAST brand 12speed ; 

Axle Ratio: 5.13; GVWR: 25000kg ;

Front Axle Weight Rating: 7000kg,

Rear Axle Weight Rating: 10000kg double ;

Cab to Axle: 4680mm,

Wheel Base: 4720mm+1310mm;

Suspension: Leaf Spring ; 

Tires: 11R22.5 ;Wheels: Steel. 
More Chassis Features: 
Air Conditioning
 AM/FM/CD Stereo Radio
;Cloth High Back Driver Seat
;Split Cloth 2 Man High Back Passengers Seat
;Power Windows/Door Locks;Cruise Control/Tilt Wheel
 optional;Rubber Flooring w/Rubber Floor Mats
;Jumper Cable Kit w/Cable;Swing Out Mirrors w/Convex Mirrors;Cab Roof Marker Lights
Color: Yellow

Integraged Wheel Lift Wrecker


Integrated wrecker standard equipped with a telescopic boom which could extend and retract, so that could hoist the damaged car to right position from one side or one ends, that will easy for towing, and moreover could use the boom’s telescopic range change make the accident vehicle onto the pavement from the roadbed. Double planetary winch, optional frame fork attachment, optional manual outside controls for the recovery boom (classic body only) and the availability of the optional vehicle tow sling or a truck tow bar.


By use of the under-lift’s extending and retracting, hoisting and dropping, loading folding action to hold up the damaged vehicle front or rear, then towing the vehicle off the accident scene. There are variety of different structure forms of under-lifts, which could lift the accident cars axles, wheels, leaf springs easy for installation & destruction. The fabricated under lift is rated at 6000kg lift capacity at its fully extended reach using lifting forks. 

Under-lift Towing Wrecker

Worm Gear Winch Auto Wrecking Truck


We manufacture this unit with two 8,000kg worm gear winches and coupled it with a 10-ton capacity extendable boom, optional frame fork attachment and optional manual outside controls for the recovery boom  is more than just another tow truck. The two winches hold 150ft of cable on each.



The 3 compartments tri-axles steel body fabricated with professional and modularized, different assemblies are precision manufacturing that ensured the multi compatibilities.LED tool compartment lighting bar,keyless lock and unlock lift fork storage box compartment,chain storage comparment and tailboard fork, chain storage compartment.

Modular Body Wrecker Truck


The roll back carriers are fully driven by hydraulic system, functionally with lifting, loading, towing, hauling.


Hydraulic Circuit: The hydraulic oil pipe fabricated from high-pressure galvanized steel, pressure resistance, well thermal performance, attractive looks, durable use, the service life could be synchronized with the super body. Hydraulic fittings is bite type rigid connectors(Germany), has been greatly reduced the phenomenon of interface oil leakage, the service life could be synchronized with the super body too.
Circuit Change Valves: Adopt the Italy directional control valves, and optimized the installation to ensure the control valves works at safe operation under extreme conditions.
Oil Cylinder: The inner cylinder processed with boring and barreling, the cylinder inner walls more hardness, wear, bright and clean, which could full effective to protect seals.
Piston Rod (solid body): Are all with heat treatment, hardness, thick chrome layer easy to deal with high-intensity operations. Full application of imported seal assembly from Germany, Britain and Italy Stepseal®. And it could adjust the seal assembly according to the different structure of the oil cylinders, attempt to get the cylinder in perfect working condition. The piston support ring with high temperature, wear resistance imported material meet the design needs we chose the dual support rings or large area of a single support ring structure. In process of wrecker operation, if the cylinder under a large lateral force, high standard support ring could ensure the cylinder working in a stable working situation, avoid the piston direct friction with inner piston rod and cylinder cover.

10 Ton Underlift Wrecker


Independent full size C typed LED light bar, fully consider the wrecker lights disturbance the operator’s sights during loading transporting, re-customize the appropriate assembly light bar. The C typed arc design, ally with the typical metal forming technology, well integrated the alarm lights create an elegant light pylon.



1. We are the manufacturer.

2. OEM is OK.

3. ISO certificate.





By sea :/Nude/ Ro-ro ship / Bulk transport / Container packing / SKD / etc.;

Customers pointed freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods;

Delivery Time: 10-25 days.

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, 30% deposits; 70% balance before delivery,


Warranty: 1 year or 20000km

Door Locks

Cruise Control

Tilt Wheel

Rubber Flooring w/Rubber Floor Mats

Jumper Cable Kit w/Cable

Swing Out Mirrors w/Convex Mirrors

Cab Roof Marker Lights
Color: Yellow

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