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30 Ton Integrated Wrecker Body

Body Only
Suitable for 6x4 Chassis


This 30 Ton Integrated Wrecker Body is fitted with a hydraulically operated winch/crane in conjunction with outriggers to lift and recover as required, integrated towing & recovery unit has been designed to be an ideal match for the popular low-pro medium duty chassis.

30 Ton Integrated Wrecker Body

Boom:Retracted Capacity at 34 Degree 30T

Integrated wrecker standard equipped with a telescopic boom which could extend and retract, so that could hoist the damaged car to right position from one side or one ends, that will easy for towing, and moreover could use the boom’s telescopic range change make the accident vehicle onto the pavement from the roadbed.

Mechanical Features

CSCTRUCK is the only one manufacture who applicate the cathode electrophoresis process in the wrecker structure parts, effectively protected the parts surface antiseptic properties. Tilt cylinder is disposed on the inner side of sub-frame and beams for supporting, and distributing the loads, greatly extend the vehicle’s service life. Replaceable friction disc, back landing aids roller, climbing more smooth, easy maintenance and low cost. Adjustable mechanical stop block, deck locks more accurate, reliable and secure. Deck sub-frame and roll deck hinge beam make the strengthening treatment, further enhance the carrying capacity. The new bi-directional operation panel, convenient and simple operation, high reliability. Multiple binding tools simple and easy operation.

30 Ton Integrated Wrecker Body Only

30 Ton Integrated Wrecker Light Pylon

Light Pylon- Independent Full Size C typed Led Light Bar

Independent full size C typed LED light bar, fully consider the wrecker lights disturbance the operator’s sights during loading transporting, CSCTRUCK re-customize the appropriate assembly light bar. The C typed arc design, ally with the typical metal forming technology, well integrated the alarm lights create an elegant light pylon.


By use of the under-lift’s extending and retracting, hoisting and dropping, loading folding action to hold up the damaged vehicle front or rear, then towing the vehicle off the accident scene. There are variety of different structure forms of under-lifts, which could lift the accident cars axles, wheels, leaf springs easy for installation & destruction.

30 Ton Integrated Wrecker Underlift
30 Ton Integrated Wrecker Body System

Hydraulic System

The roll back carriers are fully driven by hydraulic system, functionally with lifting, loading, towing, hauling. 
Hydraulic Circuit: The hydraulic oil pipe fabricated from high-pressure galvanized steel, pressure resistance, well thermal performance, attractive looks, durable use, the service life could be synchronized with the super body. Hydraulic fittings is bite type rigid connectors(Germany), has been greatly reduced the phenomenon of interface oil leakage, the service life could be synchronized with the super body too. 
Circuit Change Valves: Adopt the Italy directional control valves, and optimized the installation to ensure the control valves works at safe operation under extreme conditions. 
Oil Cylinder: The inner cylinder processed with boring and barreling, the cylinder inner walls more hardness, wear, bright and clean, which could full effective to protect seals. 
Piston Rod (solid body): Are all with heat treatment, hardness, thick chrome layer easy to deal with high-intensity operations. Full application of imported seal assembly from Germany, Britain and Italy Stepseal®. And it could adjust the seal assembly according to the different structure of the oil cylinders, attempt to get the cylinder in perfect working condition. The piston support ring with high temperature, wear resistance imported material meet the design needs we chose the dual support rings or large area of a single support ring structure. In process of wrecker operation, if the cylinder under a large lateral force, high standard support ring could ensure the cylinder working in a stable working situation, avoid the piston direct friction with inner piston rod and cylinder cover. 

Quantity 2 winches 
Pulling force (on 1st layer) 10 ton (22,000 lbs) 
Winch Type Planetary 
Cable length 16 mm x 60 m (5/8" x 200')


Special operating environment requires the special customized wrecker solution. In line with the needs of the market, CSCTRUCK provide reasonable personalized conversion program, strengthen its functions based on the original roll back carriers. The customization solution current optional with, deck fence system, detachable ceiling system, deck reserved more special holes for bundles, removable rails, wheel lift receivers for single / double tires, front push bumper and customization designing is available.

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