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3 Ton Roll Bed Tow Truck

Dongfeng Truck Chassis
124HP Diesel Engine
Towing Rating 5 Ton
Deck Length 5.6m
Lift Capacity 2 Ton
Winch Capacity 4 Ton



Chassis configuration: The Dongfeng single cab and chassis, 

Equipped with Chaochai 124 horsepower, Yuchai 150 horsepower diesel engine. 

3.8 meters wheelbase, 

Front axle of 3.4 tons, 5.2 tons rear axle, 

7.50R16 steel wire tire, 

100 km fuel consumption 16.1 liters. 

Upper Body: 3P2A Folding tailboard, 5.6 meters long, 2.3 meters wide. 

Deck Loading Capacity 3 tons, 

Towing Capacity 5 tons , 

Underlift lifting 1.8 tons .

Multichannel valve balance valve adopts Italy imported components 

Hydraulic Cylinder Foshan (Haizhanli) German technology,

Double steel wire hydraulic hose, 

Full Imported sealing ring, 

Split molded welded panel, wear-resistant, non slip resistance. 

2 car carrier wrecker, 3P2A folding loading deck, 

Dual Side controlling system, 

3 rear working lamp, 

4 ton hydraulic winch (25 meter rope) 

Stainless Steel Wash tank, 

L type wheel receiver, 

6 nos. of bundling belt, 

one pair of frame fork, 

one nos of hook chain.


Wrecker is mainly used for road vehicle fault, illegal vehicles and rescue city. Wrecker by category is divided into tow: even the size, the towing separation type of one type, one with two flat type, multifunctional wrecker, hydraulic automatic clamping type. According to the tonnage is divided into: 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 25 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 80 tons of wrecker. According to their characteristics can be divided into the carrying, lifting traction type. Carrying is the damaged vehicle to vehicle traction transport; lifting traction lifting car is installed on one end of the traction device damage the car (or lift) up off the ground, the other end is still touching the ground, and then by lifting the towing wrecker towed away from the scene. Wrecker are basically two types of truck chassis with the modification, in the form of the structure can be divided into tow wrecker, loading, lifting, rescue (single arm and dual arm) wrecker.


CSCTRUCK is a manufacturer for design, development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the special automobile manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of various types. Car Carrier Wrecker, 2 Cars Carrier, Integrated towing wrecker, independent towing wrecker, rotator and other special wreckers. The companies with advanced production technology, excellent production, one-stop production line. To win the National hundreds of thousands of customers. CSCTRUCK wrecker for seven consecutive years of the sales lead. 

Technical Parameters


 The total mass(kg)


 Curb Weight(kg)


 Rated the quality of(kg)

 Chassis Model


Approach / departure



 Front Overhang / Rear Overhang (mm)




 Compartment Dimension(mm)


 Number of axes


 Maximum speed(km/h)


 Tire Specifications

8.25-16 14PR

 Number of tires


 Front track(mm)


 Rear track(mm)




 No. of Spring


 Emission Standard


 Type of fuel


Engine Parameter

 Engine Model


 Engine Manufacturer

Guangxi yuchai machinery co., LTD

 Engine Displacement (ml)


 Engine power(kw)


 Chassis Description


1. Dongfeng 4x2 chassis,single row flat cab, left hand drive with AC;

2. Chaochai 4 cylinder 140HP diesel engine,

3. 5 transmission gear box;

4. Power steering, air brake, 7.50-16 14PR.


Note:Optional cab with the chassis.Lift quality: 3100 kg;Lateral protection cold bending steel/Q235B, bolt connection;The lower edge of the protection by the special device replacement, after 470 mm high from the ground.The optional swing arm tablet device.ABS system manufacturer/model: dongfeng electronic technology co., LTD. Company / 36 bg13-30010 automobile brake system.

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