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60 Ton Rotator Tow Truck

•Truck Chassis Beiben NG80
•Weichai 380hp Diesel Engine
•Overall Size 11.15x2.5x3.6m
•Underlift Retracted Rating 26T
•Boom Lifting Capacity 60T
•2 Nos of Worm Gear Winch



This rotators use massive booms and thick cylinders are extremely strong, and this series is the is the recovery king for safety margins will allow you to work in security and complete confidence in your equipment. We mount this 60 ton rotator on a tough commercialbeiben which African region well noted as Powerstar chassis, or we could design and mount a rotator to your own truck chassis that meet your towing requirements.


● Special Chassis

Beiben is well known as the toughest truck chassis in China commercial truck industrial.

Super power train supported by Weichai Engine.

Reinforced chassis frame perfect for the toughest recovery jobs.

Mercedes Benz technologized axle ensured a large towing capacity

Various commercial chassis such as VOLVO, BENZ, SCANNIA, HOWO, SHACMAN, FAW, FOTON, DONGFENG, JAC for mounted this rotator.

● Boom

Equipped with 360 continuous rotation booms easy for towing,

Large boom’s telescopic range recovery accident vehicle onto the pavement.

3-stage Boom for Transport in Rear or Forward Position

Boom Angle Indicator ensure the safety for operation

● Mechanical Features

Bodyfabricated with professional and modularized,

Cathode electrophoresis process in the wrecker structure parts

Greatly extend the vehicle’s service life.

Replaceable friction disc, easy maintenance low cost.

Adjustable mechanical stop block, deck locks more accurate, reliable and secure.

Deck sub-frame and roll deck hinge beam enhance the carrying capacity.

DualSide Control panel, convenient and simple operation, high reliability.

Multiple wrecker tools accessories simple and easy operation.

● Light Pylon

Independent full size C typed LED light bar,

Fully consider the wrecker lights disturbance the operator’s sights during loading transporting

Re-customize the appropriate assembly light bar.

The C typed arc design, ally with the typical metal forming technology

Well integrated the alarm lights create an elegant light pylon.

● Under-lift

Under-lift’s extending and retracting, hoisting and dropping, loading folding action to hold up the damaged vehicle front or rear, then towing the vehicle off the accident scene.

Variety of different structure forms of under-lifts,

Axles wheels, leaf springs Underlifteasy for installation & destruction.

● Side Puller

Front Outrigger Spade Attachment

Front Mounted2 Stage H-Beam

Heavy duty Two Rear Outrigger Spade

Hydraulic Rear Outriggers with Removable Pads

Ensure large capacity for rescue and towing operation

Side puller anti-overturning when side lift operation

● Hydraulic System

High-pressure galvanized steel oil pipe

Pressure resistance, well thermal performance, attractive looks, durable use,

GermanyHydraulic fittings

Italy directional control valves

Optimized the installation to ensure the control valves works at safe operation

Hardness, wear, bright and clean oil cylinder

Germany, Britain and Italy Stepseal®.

● Customization

Deck fence system,

Detachable ceiling system

Deck reserved more special holes for bundles

Removable rails

Wheel lift receivers for single / double tires

Front push bumper

Customization designing is available



Weight Distribution

@ Unloaded

Curb Mass

35680 kg

Dual-Front Axle

16800 kg

Dual-Rear Axle

18880 kg

Weight Distribution

@ Full Loaded

Gross Mass

45000 kg

Dual-Front Axle

7850 kg

Dual-Rear Axle

37150 kg

Overall Dimensions


11150 mm


2500 mm


3600 mm


Driver’s Cabin


NG80 Benz Type


Heating & Cooling





12JS200TManual 12+2 reverse


430mm disc


TAS85 Power assistance


Front rating 2× 6.5 Ton, rear 2×9 Ton

Drive Mode

8× 4


Air brakes




Max. Speed

90 km/hour



Turning Radius

26 m

Ground Clearance

310 mm


1950+4350+1350 mm



Retracted Rating Lift

26000 kg

Extended Rating Lift

12000 kg

Tailboard Extended Range

2000-3760 mm

Tailboard Lifting Height

1680 mm

Under-lift Stage Nos


Negative Power Tilt

Positive Power Tilt


Rotation Boom

SideRetracted Rating Lift

60000kg @ Boom Angle 60˚

SideExtended Rating Lift

22600kg @ Boom Angle30˚

SideExtended Rating Lift

19600kg @ Boom Angle 0˚

SideExtended Rating Lift

19000kg @ Boom Angle 60˚

SideExtended Rating Lift

10000kg @ Boom Angle30˚

SideExtended Rating Lift

7500kg @ Boom Angle 0˚

Rear Retracted Rating Lift

22000kg @ Boom Angle 0˚

Rear Retracted Rating Lift

55000kg @ Boom Angle30˚

Rear Extended Rating Lift

9000kg @ Boom Angle 0˚

Rear Extended Rating Lift

12000kg @ Boom Angle 30˚

Boom Range of Elevation


Max Working Height

12300 mm Ground to Hook

Boom Rotation


Working Radius

10810mm @ Boom Angle 0˚


Front Extended

4840 mm

Rear Extended

6690 mm

Winch& Cable

Winch Nos


Winch Type

Planetary ( 2-speed)

Winch Capacity

300 kN (1st layer of drum) x 2

Wire Rope

25 mm x 50 m x 2

Speed Range

0-5 m/min

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