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60 Ton Towing Rotator Body

Body Only
Available for 8x4 Chassis


The RTR60 series is heavy duty road rotator short for lifting capacity 35ton, it is widely used by many vehicle towing service companies, and all parts are quality chosed from demostic and oversea market. Customrization body also available for your old truck chassis.

Body Mounted Chassis:

The selected series of this rotator special chassis manufactured by SINOTRUK , they had developed the customized special rotator truck chassis set up a firm foundation for the rescue sliding truck.


The 360° continuous rotation of the three stage boom has a working height of up to 42 feet with maximum lifting capacity.The three stage under-lift has a towing capacity of 53,000 pounds at 61-inch reach and 17,000 pounds at 146-inch reach.

Light Pylon:

7 marker lights per side.Independent full size C typed LED light bar, fully consider the wrecker lights disturbance the operator’s sights during loading transporting, CSCWRECKER re-customize the appropriate assembly light bar. The C typed arc design, ally with the typical metal forming technology, well integrated the alarm lights create an elegant light pylon.Curb light on each side.


The three stage under-lift has a towing capacity of 53,000 pounds at 61-inch reach and 17,000 pounds at 146-inch reach.By use of the under-lift’s extending and retracting, hoisting and dropping, loading folding action to hold up the damaged vehicle front or rear, then towing the vehicle off the accident scene. There are variety of different structure forms of under-lifts, which could lift the accident cars axles, wheels, leaf springs easy for installation & destruction.

Side Puller:

Side puller includes the front landing legs and the rear land legs. Low-profile outriggers give you better maneuverability by being able to bring the load over them thus reducing the overhang.Complex rescue require booms For lateral lifting, rescue and towing operations. The side puller has greatly enhanced the wrecker’s ability of anti-overturning when under the situation of the side lift operations.

Hydraulic System:

The hydraulic oil pipe fabricated from high-pressure galvanized steel, pressure resistance, well thermal performance, attractive looks, durable use, the service life could be synchronized with the super body. Hydraulic fittings is bite type rigid connectors(Germany), has been greatly reduced the phenomenon of interface oil leakage, the service life could be synchronized with the super body too.Adopt the Italy directional control valves, and optimized the installation to ensure the control valves works at safe operation under extreme conditions. 

Manufacturing Images:

Tow Rotation Truck 

The performance of this 60-Ton Tow Rotation Truck will allow you to lift and move mountains with its large and powerful boom. 

Rescue Sliding Truck

Rotator Towing Recovery

Notched tailboard allowing for increased tilting angle.

Tow Rotator Truck

You’ll understand why the Tow Rotation Truck is simply the best in its category.

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