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Big Rig Rotator Tow Truck

•VOLVO VNX630 Truck
•420hp Diesel Engine
•3-stage Boom System
•Underlift Capacity 18T
•Boom Capacity 70T
•Boom Max Reach 15m


RTR-70 is meant for Rotator  tow truck capacity 70ton, is over-built on a HOWO 10 by 6 heavy duty truck chassis to ensure durability and long-life; this will protect your investment and keep you on the road longer and hauling bigger wrecks safer and faster. This rotator can turn in a continuous motion due to its hydraulic octopus.

Lift Rating at Full Extension 18,000 lbs (8165 kg);Center line of Forks Fully Extended 115 (2921mm);Fully Retracted Capacity 40,000 lbs (18144 kg);Center line of Forks Fully Retracted 56 (1423mm) .

As with all csctruck, customization is the order of the day and we'll build your wrecker the way you want it. Don't hesitate to inquire, standard and customized wreckers are surprisingly inexpensive. As with all of our larger units, we will customize this rotator to your specific truck - just let us know how many axles, their spread, tandem steer or not, and we'll mock up a design to meet your needs. 

Two 66,000lbs and two 35,000lbs planetary winches 

Three stage boom 


70 Ton Rotator Body available for your own truck chassis.

Custom tool box configurations 

Aluminum body 

Aluminum or stainless steel dress-uppackage 

Custom body configurations 

Custom wheel base configurations 

Rotators are available in a sliding configuration 

Independent 100,000 lbs under lift 

4 sets of frame forks *Dual manual controls 

Complete wireless controls (English Lanuguage is optional)                                               

Hydraulic proportioning valves 

Bus bars 

Euro bars 

Tail board wire controls

Four stage underlift                                                                                                         

Rear stainless steel climber and LED lights 

Front and rear four stage hydraulic out-riggers

Front triggers which could max the width for standing much stable

TRAINING & ERECTION (if necessary):

An operating and maintenance training or erection for the only wrecker system for your old chassis for the buyer personnel is provided in our factory for max 15 days till it’s believed all necessary details are shared.If it’s requested , our technical team (consisting 3 technician) could also travel to the buyer’s homeland in order to provide this training. In this case, all transportation and accommodation costs ( visas – plane tickets – airline fees – motorway transportation –hotel room – meals etc.) on route of “Suizhou – Buyer’s Field – Suizhou” is undertaken by the buyer. Normally, total training time doesn’t get longer than 2 days with all necessary conditions are met.


Our service commitment under the terms and conditions as: two years service period or less than 40,000 km running, if manufacturing quality problems occur, the company shall be the implementation of "three guarantees" service involving the chassis by the chassis manufacturer according to their regulations.

“Three Guarantees”Scope

A)      As the parts, assembly parts design or poor manufacturing quality, leading to vehicle failure not functioning.

B)      Failure due to welding defect.

C)      As the poor quality of manufacturing and assembly, leading to failure or leakage control.

Non-“Three guarantees”Scope

A)      Users man-made failure lead vehicle  inadequate or incomplete

B)      Users, maintenance, adjustment of the fault caused by improper

C)      Users disassemble, repair leading to failure.

D)     User-modified to increase their own accessories or damage caused by.

E)       User found the problem, but did not immediately feedback, continue to use ,leading to further damage.

Service Mode

A)      Receiving user feedback on product quality issues, based on the area, region, route conditions, to reply within 2 hours, after-sales service staff from 24 to 48 hours to the scene service.

B)      Station personnel or commissioned directly designate a technical person to contract on-site service.

Procedures for handling 

A)      All our products are in use, failure to provide needed services to our company please write and inform the failure of products serial number, model number, product certification, BL date and tell us the truthfully detailed breakdown to our Division secretary we will reply or send technical analysis deal with the applications.

B)      Who meet the "three guarantees" the scope of the repair costs borne by our company.

C)      Who is not a "three guarantees" range, we offer technical services, but all costs borne by the user. 

Underlift-Max Lifting at all extended,kg8165
Underlift-Max lifting,kg18,144
Length of Arm,mm4500
In/Out Length,mm3696
Tiltle Angle,°-5
Moving Angle,°<95
Boom-Max Lifting,kg30000
Boom-Lifting at all extend,kg4500
Length of 1st Boom ,mm5200
Total length of Booms,mm8400
Height of Lifing,mm12300
Move Angle,°60
Rotator ,°360
Winch Qty,pcs2
Length of Cable,mm¢20
Front Legs Span,mm5490
RearLegs Span,mm4387
Front to Rear Distance,mm8265

Drive Mode10×6
Tare Weight,kg11405
EngineWEICHAI 420ps
TypeVertical ,in line, Water-cooled,four-stroke cycle diesel engine
Emission StandardEuro 4
Speed No.s12 Forward and 2 Reverse Speed;Manual (Mechanical)
Sterring Left hand drive
CabinForward control, all steel welded construction, long cab, inner A/C, one bed
Tires12.00R20;12+1 spare tire;Radius tires

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