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RTR-20 Rotator Wrecker Body

Boom Rating 20,000 kg
Winch 10,000kg x 2
Wheel-lift Extended 6,350kg
Tow Rating 20,000 kg
Body only Available



Boom Rating: 20,000 kgs (44,000 lbs)

Winch(First Layer): 10,000 kgs (22,000 lbs) x 2 winches

Cable: 45 m (147')

Wheel Lift Extended Rating: 6,350 kgs (14,000 lbs)

Tow Rating: 20,000 kgs (44,000 lbs)

Standard Features:

1.Planetary winch with cable tensioner.

2.Independent boom and wheel lift system, 360˚ boom rotation/190˚ each direction, 360˚ sheave heads,

3.2 stages boom & 3 stages wheel lift.

4.Steel independent light pylon with lights.

5.Left and right side manual control & Wireless remote control.

6.Cross bar, 1 set.

7.Forks, 6 pairs.

8.Fork holders, 1 pair.

9.Tow chain, 1 set.

10.Yellow LED light bar, 1 set.

11.Binding straps, 4 sets.

12.Hydraulic oil tank with gauge, 1 set.

13.Hydraulic pump, 1 set.

14.Left side and right side steel toolboxes with chrome door handles and removable rails.

15.Hydraulic front & rear outriggers.

16.(Steel) Paint: First time iron red anti-rust paint, second time gray middle paint, third time and forth time yellow color paint.


1.Slide turret.

2.3 stages boom.

3.Aluminum toolboxes.

4.Aluminum light pylon.

5.Bigger or extra winches.

6.Extra forks and fork holders.

7.Full recovery tool package.

8.LED lights - thinner light bar, night working lights, strobe lights, lights inside toolbox.

9.Back-up lights & alarm.

10.Rear Camera & Monitor.

11.D rings on Tailboard & Boom & Outriggers.


13.Customized toolboxes.

14.Customized painting.

15.Installation services and extended warranty.

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